Baja California is home to the most prestigious off road race in the world, The Baja 1000. In Baja people treat the race teams like they treat a baseball team or football team in the USA.  When there is race in town the whole town comes out to watch both the race and the contingency ( parade like event before the race) .

We plan to bring the offroad community and supporting vendors together to give deliver presents to the children of Baja. Our first stop is Casa Hogar in Cabo San Lucas. Casa Hogar houses 30 young men between the age of 6 and 17 years old. As a resident of Baja I have personally given out stickers and clothing on numerous occasions. There is really no feeling like it.  Presents permitting we have additional schools lined up.  

We are working on both a toy drive with local drop off points and delivery in San Diego. This running parallel with the support for the off road vendors is sure to guarantee some happy children this December.

How Can I Help?


We are accepting donations of Stickers, Hats and clothing. With your approval and wishes we will list you as a supporting sponsor on website and social media.


Shipping OPEN for 2016

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C/O Monica Page Logistics Corp.
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